vintage bridesmaid dresses

vintage bridesmaid dresses

Weddings are all about themes. After all, you need the décor, the dresses, the flowers and everything about the wedding point towards a certain aesthetic
character and appeal. For that, you need to develop all the different arrangements around a central theme. In such ways, everything looks like a coordinated setup and nothing looks out of place. One such theme for a wedding is a vintage wedding theme.


What Is A Vintage Wedding Theme

When we say vintage, it brings to mind the kind of décor, the dresses and designs that were in vogue in the eighties or the nineties. One could go as long back as possible and find inspiration for their wedding. A certain decade could be the wedging theme such as the eighties. At such a time, the out of box styles could be incorporated. Again, one could go traditional and look at pale shades, laces and such themes as inspiration for their vintage wedding event. The dress of the bride and the bridesmaids are designed accordingly to get the look right. Here are some images given for one to gain ideas of the kind of dresses that can be designed for the bride and the bridesmaid with a vintage theme inspiration.


Here is a grey bridesmaid dress design with a bow at the waist and a gathered full skirt that is full length. Such a dress with cap like sleeves has a simplicity about its design which has a vintage appeal. It is sure to go well with a simple wedding theme.


Lacy wedding dresses are known to have been popular down the ages. A vintage wedding theme could easily incorporate lace based dress designs as shown here. One can find different lace dresses shown here which are worn by the different bridesmaids.


This elegant bridesmaid dress with a gathered skirt and waist, accented with a wide bow and a lacy top, is sure to look great and summery and will go along with any vintage inspired wedding theme. Here is one such dress design that will appeal to many.


Here one can see a well coordinated wedding theme in white and laces. The dresses of the bridesmaids are similar with off shoulder lacy tops and straight skirts. The pale shades of the fabrics differ from off white to pink, beige and purple.


Pale shades like blue and beige are common color themes for a vintage inspired wedding. One can find the skirt lengths of the bridesmaids’ dresses to be of knee length which contrast with the dress of the bride. The shoes of the bridesmaids are also cook.

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