royal blue bridesmaid dresses

royal blue bridesmaid dresses

Are you planning a wedding? Nowadays there are color themes that are part of a wedding décor and underlie all decisions – whether it is the bride’s dresses, the gowns of the bridesmaids, the décor of the venue, the table arrangements and so forth. Thus, for deciding on a wedding arrangement as well as the clothes and attire of the special attendees, one has to first focus on the color theme.

A Royal Blue Theme

For a wedding, a vibrant shade of royal blue would go well. Such a color is associated with royalty and hence, it lends an elegant air to any event. Blend of shades of blue with the royal blue shade contrasting with pastel colors would make a unique wedding decor theme. The table decor, the satin table clothes, the flowers chosen for the venue arrangement – all such items are ordered and designed based on such a color theme. In such ways, one can plan their unique wedding. In such a wedding, it is imperative that the bridesmaids wear dresses and gowns of the same color. Here are some interesting designs shown below which would surely be loved by ladies who are planning their dress as a bridesmaid for a special wedding.



This is an elegant sleeveless dress in royal blue fabric with a plunging neckline and a high waistline with silver embroidery. Such a dress with a long skirt would certainly look good on any lady who wishes to dress up as a bridesmaid.



This is a beautiful bridesmaid’s dress design in satin fabric. The royal blue shade offers a distinct shine to the fabric and makes the dress look glamorous. Such a dress design would complement a lady with shapely arms and a slender neck.


Here is a short, summer dress in satin blue which is sure to look great if one used it as the attire for a bridesmaid. Pair it with simple and elegant silver jewelry and strappy sandals. Such a dress will certainly suit a lady with a petite figure.


Royal blue in sheer fabric with a satin under cloth is sure to look great on a lady. Here is a bridesmaid’s dress designed with such a material. The fitted straight cut silhouette will complement a slender waist and look glamorous on any lady.


This is a wonderful bridesmaid dress design that one can consider for a wedding where the dress code is in royal blue. The bust line waist has glittery design with a strappy top. Pair it with minimal jewelry and light makeup to turn heads for sure.

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