grey bridesmaid dresses

grey bridesmaid dresses

Subtle tones are usually popular in weddings. As the bride’s dress is usually a shade of white, pale off white and similar shades, the dresses of the bridesmaids are designed around such a theme. The dresses of the bridesmaids need to stand out like a halo around the bride’s dress. The bride should look ethereal surrounded by her best friends and well wishers as bridesmaids around her. For such a theme, the grey color can be well chosen as the theme for the dresses of the bridesmaids.

Why Choose Grey

If the wedding venue is during a dull, drab autumn day or when the age group of the friends is a little towards the forties, it would be a great idea to keep grey as the shade to be the common theme among the bridesmaid’s dresses. Grey can be combined in versatile dress designs and different materials or fabrics. One can see examples of dress designs worn by ladies for wedding occasions. It also complements the white color very well and can go with a pastel shaded wedding décor. Simple, silver jewelry can easily complement such a color theme. Check out some wonderful bridesmaids’ dress designs in grey as illustrated below.



Here one can see how a lavender shaded grey tone is the common color element for the wedding dresses of the ladies posing as bridesmaids. The loose silhouette of the dresses make them great for wearing by ladies of different sizes as unseemly curves are easily hid.


For petite figures of ladies, knee length bridesmaids’ dresses would be the great solution to opt for. Here one can see a well coordinated line of grey dresses worn by ladies with small frame. They are surrounding the bride in white whose gown is full length.


When you have a long line of bridesmaids, get everyone to feel special by giving them a common theme by which they can get their dresses made. Here one can see white or grey to be the uniting theme for the long line of ladies around the bride.


Even if all the bridesmaids in a wedding do not have time to get their dresses tailored from the same shop, a common theme such as grey color can help create a coordinated look in the wedding photographs as seen here. The dresses have different designs and materials.


If you have a petite figure with a small waist, why not opt for a dress design as shown above for wearing to your friend’s wedding? Such a dress is sure to look great even for evening parties, given the sheer fall of the fabric and the simple yet elegant design.

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